Trump rallies in Sarasota on election's eve

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Donald Trump fired up supporters in Sarasota with an hour-long speech Monday. He spoke at Robarts Arena with a clear message.

"In one day, we are going to win the great state of Florida and we are going to take back the White House," he said.  "You can go out and vote tomorrow. That is what you can do. It's the only way. That is where you beat the rigging, folks."

With the final hours of the campaign ticking away, Trump is focused on winning Florida, where polls show a neck-and-neck race.

Hillary Clinton's four-point edge in Friday's FOX 13 Opinion Savvy Poll narrowed to two points over the weekend. This comes after the FBI announced they would be closing the Clinton email investigation.

As Trump spoke to thousands inside Robarts Arena, a small crowd of protesters gathered outside.

"We are here basically to defeat Trump; we don't think he's a good guy we don't want him to win," said Carolyn Beer.

Protesters found themselves far outnumbered by an overflow of Trump supporters who couldn't make it inside the arena.

"I wanted to hear what he had to say. We are excited. We are expecting to take Florida tomorrow," said Rachelle Light.

Now that both sides have laid their issues out the only remaining thing to do is get out and vote.

"Good luck; get out there. I did my thing," Trump added.