Turkey-flavored ice cream: People don't hate it

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Plenty of Americans scream for ice cream, but would you gobble up a turkey-flavored treat?  It's on the menu at an Arizona ice cream chain.

Two Scooptacular locations offer the appropriately named 'tryptophan' flavor, named for the infamous chemical found in the Thanksgiving bird.

The ice cream is made with a real turkey.  The shop cooks the turkey first, then soaks the carcass in a cream and sugar base, and small chunks of the turkey are then stirred into the ice cream mix.

"The first bite, it's kind of smooth, almost like a vanilla flavor. Then the turkey really comes in at the end," owner Nindi Wadhwa offered.

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The Phoenix New Times reviewed the concoction, and gave it a thumbs-up.

"The turkey-flavored ice cream works, in the way that mango and chili, or peanut brittle, works. The sweet-and-savory, ying-and-yang combo is strangely satisfying - all your sugar and salt cravings wrapped up in one creamy confection."

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It's the fifth year in a row the unusual offering has been on the menu.  Two other Thanksgiving specialties -- sweet potato pie cream and corn ice cream -- are also available.