Unlikely friends get special gifts

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Nine years and a significant height difference separate Richard Gallop and Jeffrey Holz.  Jeffrey's compassion has made the two fast friends.

Both go to Community Christian School in Bradenton.  When Jeffrey heard about Richard's cancer diagnosis, he decided to help in the only way he knew he could.

"When we got to church, I told my mom to get the money out of the bank," Jeffrey said.

The second grader donated all of his savings to Richard's care. He thought the stranger's plight was more important than the Lego set he was eyeing. It was an act of compassion that pushed Richard's mother to tears.

"I started crying because I didn't think in my wildest dreams that that would have happened," Jennifer Gallop said.

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Turns out, Legoland was pretty impressed by the selfless gesture, too. Tuesday, they awarded Jeffrey with that Lego set he wanted, along with a free trip to their park.

"I feel like really excited and stuff because I haven't been to Legoland in a long time!" Jeffrey smiled.

Legoland took the time to celebrate Richard's bravery, too. They gave the golf lover an all-expenses paid trip to the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando.  The high school senior is overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers.

"It's just exciting to see all these things that they're giving out today," he said.

Tuesday morning, Richard also found out he was accepted into -- and offered scholarship money to attend -- Southeastern University in Lakeland. It's Richard's goal to graduate high school on time this spring, despite chemotherapy treatment. He hopes to begin college this fall.