Venice museum needs help identifying owner of 1932 diary

(Venice Museum & Archives)

A museum in the city of Venice came across a diary that appears to be nearly 90 years old. They hope someone can help track down the original author or her relatives.

A volunteer with the Venice Museum and Archives recently transcribed the entire diary. Here is what the museum has learned about its owner.

It appears the diary entries occurred in 1932. The first name of the owner's husband is "Fay," who, at the time, was a janitor at Nokomis School. The diary's author lived with her husband in the Edgewood area of Venice, near Groveland Avenue. 

"She is a very strong and capable woman, working as a seamstress, and occasionally writing for the Sarasota Herald Tribune," according to the city-owned museum. "Together they attend meetings, church events, luncheons and dinners—sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, from Englewood to Sarasota."

(Venice Museum & Archives)

The Venice Museum added that the author describes the weather as "sizzling hot" and mosquitoes plentiful. 

The outside cover of the diary is green and says, "The Everyday Diary" on the front. 

Anyone who can identify the mystery owner can contact the Venice Museum of Archives at 941-486-2487. Learn more about the museum on its website.