Veterans, patriots defend Old Glory at flag-burning rally

A Brooklyn flag-burning rally sparked outrage among veterans and patriotic Americans on Wednesday.

Disarm NYPD, a group which seeks to rid the police force of its firearms, planned a rally to burn flags at Fort Greene Park, claiming that Old Glory is “a symbol of oppression and genocide.”

But dozens of flag supporters rushed in after a flag was tossed onto a charcoal grill.

"I saw smoke from down there," John Carroll recalled. "I thought it was too late. I thought it was already going to be completely burnt out. But I got here, and I was shocked to see so much of the red, white and blue still. So I just reached in, took it out and that is when they ran.''

"I served in the military for 13 years. I am still serving as a retired person. I run a non-profit for disabled vets, try to help them with service dogs and it means the world to me to make sure that this flag is protected," Mark Brummitt added.  "So what we are doing is we are making sure that at the end of the night no matter what happens, this flag is still standing.''