Volunteers deliver summer nutrition to kids

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When school's out for summer, many kids go hungry but a grassroots community group tries to make sure every child continues to have healthy, nutritious meals.

A finely-tuned assembly line is preparing healthy meals for children to eat this summer at the Potter's House Community Development Program.

"We give the kids a variety," said founder Dr. Patricia Hauser. "We do salads, chicken salad anything that you can think of that's nutritious and healthy we do it."

Dr. Hauser started Potter's House 16 years ago. The program partners with the state to help feed hungry kids free breakfast, lunch, and a snack for 10 weeks during the summer.

"For breakfast, there are 800 meals that we provide for breakfast, 2,100 meals for lunch and 800 meals for a snack," she said.

They deliver fresh meals to just about anywhere kids congregate.

"Whether it's a park or apartment complex, it can even be a business, if they have children coming in and they want to feed the kids," Dr. Hauser explained.

Lisa Ward, 80, has been volunteering with Potter's House for three years.

"It's very rewarding to me to know that we are doing something tangible each day for a child," Ward said.

The volunteers' hard work improves the quality of life for Bay Area families.

The program is for children under 18 years of age. The group also has toy drives and other initiatives to help out the community.