WATCH: Mama bear and cub raid garage refrigerator at Sanford home

Let this be a lesson: don't leave your garage door open if you don't want to get your snacks stolen. 

Alexandra Steiner, a local teacher, captured the moment when a mama bear and her cub raided a refrigerator at a home in Buckingham Estates in Sanford. She shared the footage with FOX 35 News.

"This is what happens when you have your garage open in Florida," she says in the video. "Mama bear helped herself in the neighbor's refrigerator."

In the clip, you see the hungry mother bear standing up rummaging through the frig after opening it up herself. A few seconds later, you see her cub walking by the homeowner's car. Steiner says the bear grabbed some vegetables and whatever else she could get her paws on.

In another clip from Steiner, a mama bear is seen climbing over a fence in the same neighborhood.