Witnesses recall frightening Tampa shootout

Bullets were flying Sunday night during a shootout between Tampa police and a man wanted for murder.  Bullet holes still dot the Ybor Heights area where it all went down.

"Next thing I know, the police say get down, get down," recalled Leroy Campbell, who was outside near 15th Street and 28th Avenue when the bullets started flying.

Campbell's surveillance camera captured the start of the shootout.  In the video, you can see the suspect, Timothy Wyatt, get out of his car, then raise both arms and start shooting across the street at police.

"He starts shooting -- 'pow, pow, pow!' Scared the poop out of me,” said Campbell.  “I tried to run back in the house, and I told my son, now get back in the house."

On the other side of the crossfire, a second camera was rolling.  In that footage you see 41-year-old Wyatt run toward police, attempt to carjack a woman, and officers firing back.

Savanna Baker told FOX 13 News she was huddled on the living room floor with her younger brother during the ordeal.

"We looked out the window and we saw this man dead on the ground, all these cops," said Baker, 17.

Police tell us CPR was done on the suspect, but the 41-year-old died at the scene.

Wyatt was on the run from the Atlanta area, accused of killing his girlfriend and turning the gun on two of her children Easter Sunday.  Those kids are expected to make a full recovery.

Local investigators say they were on the lookout for the fugitive's car and spotted it in the Tampa area around 6 p.m.  There was a brief chase before the shootout.      

"Something like this is so rare and so unexpected, and we're not used to that stuff," said Baker.

A total of five Tampa police officers have been placed on administrative leave for the shooting, pending an investigation.