Woman born without arms uses foot to shoot rifle

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An Iowa woman, born without arms, is living her life without limits.

She has taken up shooting as a hobby - using her foot to shoot the gun.

It would be easy for Janet Giberson to allow her physical limitations to define her life. But she rises above them.

“I drive a car and do everything that other people do,” Giberson said. “No matter what your ability or disability, to give something a try and don't give up, and it's always good to try new things and just to go for it.”

Janet has recently taken up shooting as a hobby. As she does with many other tasks, she learned to shoot the gun with her foot, pulling the trigger with her toe.

“My dad was a hunter and I grew up around hunters. My brothers are all hunters,” she explained. “I wanted to try a new hobby and I thought it would be fun to try and shoot.”

Janet sights with her right eye and shoots with her left foot.

Janet’s brother, Jay says the family has always helped Janet find ways to be independent, and her new hobby was no different.

“We've always had to adapt and figure out ways for her to do things and one day I said, ‘You want to shoot?’ And she said, ‘I'll try it.’ And we just started playing with it,” Jay Giberson said.

Janet says her goal is to continue improving her shooting skills and share her message of perseverance.