Women caught-on-camera stealing hair extensions

Police are looking for two hair weave thieves that ripped off Mimi's Hair Salon for thousands of dollars.

On three separate occasions over the past three weeks, the duo enter the store with a rather simple plan.

One distracted the store owner while the other pulled hair extensions off the wall and stuffed them in her purse.

At one point, surveillance video captured the two lackadaisically wandering through the store appearing to not to know each other. 

When the store owner's back is turned, one woman swiftly hands off a purse full of weaves to the other so she could make a getaway.

In all, police estimate $2,000 worth of hair extensions was stolen.

"The way that the store owner and folks that work in the store actually found out was they went and did an inventory and realized that things were missing," Sarasota Police Spokesperson Genevieve Judge said.

Since the heist, employees have pasted images of the suspects on their checkout counter, and they hope someone can help identify them.