World's Strongest Man competition crowns 2019 winner

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The World's Strongest Man Competition moved held their final challenges on Anna Maria Island Sunday, bringing dozens to the beach to watch the action on Father's Day. 

Fans big and small sat on shoulders, stood on chairs, and even set up ladders to get a glimpse of the strongest men in the world.  

Scott Case and his son Mako headed to the beach Sunday morning for some quality father-son time. 

"I'm a big strong man fan," said the 9-year-old.

"Being part of it is just a really cool experience," his father added. 

James Allen drove from Jacksonville to the see the competition.

" I was working toward the world's strongest man when I was a little bit younger," Allen told FOX 13. 

Like others, Allen says it's the extreme nature of the competition challenges that brings spectators back year after year.

"You know the monster trucks they pulled earlier in the competition? People think, 'How in the world could someone pull that by themselves?' It attracts people because it's so extreme," he said.

In the end, 28-year-old Martins Licis, who represented the U.S., won the title.