Yellow Dot decal could save your life after a crash

A yellow sticker on the back of your car could save your life after a crash.

Pinellas County is implementing the Yellow Dot program, which lets first responders know there's vital personal and medical information in your glove compartment.

“One of the problems that our EMS folks tell you is that the first minute or two that they’re there at an accident is so critical as they try to evaluate what’s going on,” said Dave Eggers, a Pinellas County Commissioner.

The yellow dot will hopefully make those minutes meaningful. Drivers who get the yellow dot sticker will also receive a form that lets emergency workers know who you are and if you have any medical conditions, allergies, or medications.

Commissioner Eggers said Largo will be the first in the county to implement the program.

“It’s going to be important to at least let the folks of Largo know that wherever they are traveling within the region that they’ll be protected by a group that’s at least knowledgeable of the program,” said Eggers.

Over in Hillsborough County, fire rescue said residents have used Yellow Dot for over a year.

“We have to go through several, many steps to diagnose what’s actually wrong from the patient,” said Rescue Chief Donald Lynn of Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. “This can kind of take some of the guessing game out of what we do.”

Lynn said it can be very effective during a rescue.

“It could be as simple as they have low blood sugar and at that moment they are unable to speak for themselves. That’s something we can immediately fix if we have the ability to know the patient is diabetic,” said Lynn.

Commissioner Eggers said he understands why some may be worried about having extra personal information in their car, but he says those details could save your life.

“I understand the concern and like any other thing that’s of value that’s in your car, it’s always at risk. But I think the risk that you have with that. I think it’s well worth it,” said Eggers.

Pinellas County Commissioners said the city of Largo is expected to start Yellow Dot in the coming months, and they want to expand the program across the county.

If you live in Hillsborough County and want to participate in the program, you can visit any Hillsborough County Fire Rescue station to pick up a form and a decal.