Berkley Prep golfer passionate about reef restoration

Many people go their entire lives without learning their passion. Berkeley Prep golfer Ava Hajjar isn't most people. 

The senior golfer is currently juggling golf and deciding on where to go to college.

"I've submitted all of my applications," Hajjar said. "[I've applied to] UF, Harvard ... Boston College and Georgetown."

Aside from that, Hajjar is also the youth ambassador for Reef Renewal, a Florida Keys-based nonprofit that pioneers new methods for coral restoration.

"I spend a lot of time down in the Keys diving and working on the nurseries, helping regrow the coral, fragmenting it, and helping upkeep the nurseries," Hajjar said of her role. "The bulk of my work is to bring that mission here to Tampa."

This is not some hobby of Hajjar's that she simply backed into. It's been a passion of hers for quite some time.

"I've always cared about the marine biology aspect of it," Hajjar said. "It's just an amazing opportunity that not a lot of marine biologists have, and something that I wouldn't give up for the world."

Hajjar also feels fortunate. Aside from having her pick of the litter in colleges, she's found a passion before her 18th birthday.

"Do as many things, and you'll find something that's for you."