Golf is a family passion for three University of Tampa siblings

It's a college golfing trio that's grown up playing together and staying together: Two brothers and a sister that gives the Tampa Spartans the NCAA's first triple threat on the golf course.

"To me, it's really not that weird," said Robert Montagnino, a senior at UT. "Definitely other people seeing us all at the same school is definitely something different. Now that my sister is here, it's definitely fun to keep eyes on her. Watch her get better as a player."

The three siblings were born to play golf. Both parents played in college -- Anne Montagnino played at USF and qualified for the U.S. Open twice. 

"It's pretty fun," said Emily Montagnino, a UT sophomore. "Always competing with them and playing all the time with them. You always have someone to play with."

Their parents started them early, all around the age of 4. 

"I guess we did have a choice, but at least we wanted to play," added Patrick, a junior at UT."

Win or lose, one thing is for sure, there's no breaking up this trio.