Kevin Kiermaier's off-season: Coaching Spartans and changing diapers

For last five winters, Tampa Bay Rays Gold Glove winner Kevin Kiermaier has been going back to college. He's become one of the University of Tampa Spartans, unofficially. 

What began as a way to get ready for Spring Training has evolved. It's given Kiermaier an idea of what's head after his major league days are over. 

"It’s something that I definitely want to do because I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping these guys out here,” Kiermaier told FOX 13's Kevin O'Donnell.  "Just giving them some advice that I have learned from other people. It's a beautiful thing."

For Kiermaier, UT is a perfect place. It's minutes from his home, where he has someone new waiting. KK is now a dad. Kevin and his wife welcomed Karter James Kiermaier into the world on November 12. He calls him ‘the next new li’l outlaw.’

"I'm trying to come out here and get my work in, but now I have a reason to get home a little bit quicker,” said Kiermaier. "Change diapers, do all that."

"It’s been awesome, but it definitely is a great feeling going home to him each and every day."

Days with Daddy include sharing some creative pictures with the world. 

"I thought I'd never be that dad or that parent doing all this stuff,” Kiermaier said with a grin. "But there's sometimes where he's just so stinking cute. I'm like, I have to let the world know how cute my baby is. The Snapchat filters, putting a mustache or some aviators, just having fun with it. I've seen people doing it for years. I was like, I'm never going to be that dad, and here I am where it's just fun switching it up and having a lot of fun with him."

Right now Kevin is happy, healthy, and ready to play ball. 

"I can't wait,” said Kiermairer. "I go back to last year, Spring Training, where I said I've never been more excited for a year in my life and this one tops that by far." 

After four trips to the disabled list in the last three seasons, Kiermaier believes he has something to prove to Rays fans. 

"I can't wait to prove that to them this year,” Kiermaier added.  "I'm going to be the player that I once was couple years ago. Nothing but good things for us to come, and man, I can't wait to take the field with those guys."