Lakeland recruit: 'I have to take responsibility' for tweet

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The dreams of a Lakeland High School football star have been dashed by a run-in with the law and the tweet that followed.

James Robinson, considered one of the country's top wide receivers, was riding high after being invited to play football at the University of Florida, the University of Oklahoma and The Ohio State University.

"Without question, [Robinson] is one of the most talented kids to walk through these halls, bar none," said Lakeland High School Coach Will Bahler.

But during an official trip to meet the Buckeye team, Robinson is accused of being on a different kind of high. Robinson was apparently caught with marijuana and was issued a $93 ticket.

That spurred him to tweet, "OSU do so much drugs."

Now it appears Ohio State, UF and the University of Oklahoma have rescinded their scholarship offers.

So on Signing Day, amid pomp and circumstance, Robinson's Lakeland High teammates announced where they would be going to college. Robinson showed up, congratulated them, and watched quietly. He also spoke to FOX 13 about the events that left him sidelined on Signing Day.

"I have to take responsibility," Robinson told FOX 13. "I shouldn't have did what I did."

But little did anyone know, Robinson would soon get a second chance. At the last minute, the University of Florida put a scholarship offer back on the table. 

It was a fairytale ending after a very dark period for a Bay Area rising star.