Land O' Lakes pitcher leading state in strikeouts

No high school pitcher in the state of Florida has more strikeouts than Land O' Lakes senior Brian Holiday.

"I've heard from people that I have been leading," Holiday said.

However, he couldn't care less. 

"I really don't pay attention to my numbers or anything," told FOX 13 Sports. "That can really get into my head, and I feel like I go out there, and I try to do too much."

In fact, when toeing the rubber, Brian doesn't really pay much attention to anything.

"You hear the dugouts and everything. It'll start getting crazy and rambunctious and everything. I try to not pay attention to it. I really just zone out, and it's just me and the catcher."

In fact, Holiday isn't even concerned with who the batter is.

"I don't care. I'll face anyone," he said with a laugh. 

The result has been one stellar pitcher performance after another. 

"He's had 18-strikeout games, 14-strikeout games," said Land O' Lakes head coach Calvin Baisley. "We'll win 1-0, 2-1."

Which tends to make for some boring baseball.

"I laugh at it a little bit," Holiday continued. "My teammates will tell me they go out there, and they don't get any ground balls, or any pop flies, and it gets boring out there."

However, nothing is boring about winning.

"Strikeouts are good," Baisely added. "I don't care how you get them out, as long as you get them out."