Lifting weights to raise money for breast cancer victims

October has passed, along with the month that raises awareness for breast cancer.  But there is one more event in November happening in the Bay Area that will give back to those affected by the disease.

It's called Women Only WODs -- workouts benefitting breast cancer research.

Merissa Lynn spent time with the coaches at TNL Tampa trying out some of the workouts they'll be doing November 14.

TNL Tampa is one of several gyms hosting the event.  The catch is, the competition is for women only. Beginner to intermediate athletes are encouraged to sign up and compete.

The proceeds raised from the Women Only WODs won't go to charity, but straight to women affected by breast cancer.

"This is not only going to benefit the people working out, but we've selected a few women around the country that are going to benefit from our event directly," said TNL Tampa owner Eric Stratman. "We're not donating it to a specific charity, so we have a lot of fun getting people fitter, getting people an exercise, but then the backside of it is, we can really feel good about the event we did because we helped somebody."

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