Pair of Bucs rookie receivers do more than catch the ball

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All the attention rookie wide receiver Donteea Dye is receiving is brand new to him.

He's remained humble since arriving to the Bucs from DIII Heidelberg.

"You can ask anybody, I've always been like this," said Dye. "I'm not used to having stuff like this all in my face. I've never had this happen to me before."

Along with fellow rookie Adam Humphries, the duo has made a big impact, despite their small numbers.

It's not their stats that have impressed coaches.

The two have combined for 134 yards and one touchdown this season.

One of the most significant plays the pair made in the game against the Giants, providing two big blocks for Jameis Winston on his way to the end zone.

"That's my role on this team is just to be a reliable guy," said Humphries. "Whether that's blocking down field on a big run or just making a third down catch to convert to a first down. I feel like that's my role on this team and I need to continue to do that."

Both Humphries' and Dye's mentalities to play any role on the field stem from their backgrounds.

Humphries played behind Sammy Watkins, a first round pick out of Clemson. Meanwhile, Dye played a DIII school where he really had to work his way up to play at a pro level.

"Of course, you know, I think I kind of built it in college, you know I was really like an underdog there too," said Dye. "It only helps. So, this mentality that I have is something I keep in the back of my pocket."

Despite their lack of stats, coaches grade Dye and Humphries very high.

"A+, these guys are doing a great job of that," said offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. "I couldn't be happier for them, I couldn't be prouder of those two guys."

"In order for them to have a prominent role right now in our offense, they come to work every day, they're smart, practice hard," said head coach Lovie Smith. "Then when they have had an opportunity to make a play, they've made plays."

Hungry and humble.

Two words to describe two players who have the best intentions for their team, not themselves.

"Yes, as long as the team is getting a win, as long as we're doing what we need to do to improve as a whole team then I'm satisfied," said Dye.