Tampa Prep junior sets sights higher after eclipsing 1,000 career points

At 32 points per game, Tampa Prep's Arianna Mosley leads the state of Florida in scoring. Those numbers have propelled the high school junior above 1,000 career points.

"Just from getting here at Prep freshmen year, it was one of my top goals," Arianna said.

Arianna has been a starter for the Terrapins since she was a freshman. Scoring has always come natural to her, and head coach Erin Knight has enjoyed watching her evolve into from natural scorer to elite scorer.

"Throughout the years she's worked really hard to gain better skills," Knight said. "She's worked really hard (to be able to) create her own shot which has really allowed her to elevate."

A milestone like 1,000 points is important, but the way it came for Arianna was a bit anti-climactic.

"It was off a free throw," she said with a laugh. "In the moment I was like 'Yeah, I'm going to get it off a layup. I'm going to get it off a jump shot.' But I had got a foul and it was off a free throw."

Other than a few kind words from her mother, coach, and teammates, Arianna hasn't been able to celebrate scoring 1,000 points. However, a lack of celebration, in some way, is fitting for her -- 1,000 points is only the start of her personal goals.

"I want to get to 2,000," Arianna said. "I'm determined to do it just because being so young I want it. I'm working hard for it."

"To say that she won't get 2,000, I'd never say that," Knight offered. "Who knows what she can accomplish?"

The sky, not 1,000 points, appears to be the limit for Arianna Mosley.