Tampa technology company making sports connections for athletes worldwide

The co-founders of GMTM (Gametime) created a concept that's kind of a LinkedIn for sports. 

Connecting athletes with opportunities is goal for Joey Grant and Conner Dietz.

"We are a world-class technology company solving problems in sports," explained Dietz. "We are not a sports technology company."

Grant played center for the Central Florida Knights and saw a need to help in the high school recruiting process for colleges.

"What we are doing at Gametime is to enable access to opportunity through technology," stated Grant. "How we do that is to work with the best organization through sports. From colleges to Olympic national teams to professional teams, NFL teams, who are trying to create more access for athletes."

Their service helps athletes in all sports and for all ages. Athletes can create free profiles, virtual resumes. GMTM has over 60,000 athletes in their system from all over the world. They even helped land a college football player a spot on the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team.

"About a year and a half ago an athlete named Charlie Volker played running back at Princeton," said Dietz. "Obviously, wanted to compete in the NFL and wasn't able to get to the Combines or make a roster. What he was able to do through GMTM was find bobsled as a sport. Be able to get in front of those coaches and compete at a high level. Then actually be selected on to that team."

Normally high school coaches are the ones that help make the connections with college recruiters, but not all have the same commitment which leaves some athletes under-recruited.

"Universities are coming to us saying we want to reach the most athletes," said Grant. "We want to better build relationships with athletes."

GMTM is a social media sports network that is a one-stop shop.

"We are all about really telling athletes stories throughout all stages of their career," said Dietz."

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