USF's new coach keeps pushing unity and connectivity on signing day

There's been no rest for the University of South Florida’s new football boss. Bulls head coach Jeff Scott has been working tirelessly to lock up the final few spots for his future Bulls and on the same day meeting with players from the past in an effort to rebuild this program. 

He's standing behind his mantra: United from start to finish.

"The unity and connectivity that is at the place I'm just leaving is something that is really needed here,” Scott told FOX 13's Kevin O'Donnell, referencing Clemson. "It has the potential to be very powerful."

Scott spent a good part of morning talking on USF's webcast. He's taking advantage of this honeymoon period with a strong public presences. He was a part of Clemson's rebuild. He's using that experience and every resource to make USF relevant. 

You can find his daily posts all over social media and it's with a specific purpose. Scott understands he's more than just a football coach; he's the face and CEO of USF's football program.

"Everybody is walking around with that phone in their hand,” said Scott. "They're checking constantly their social media. So to have an opportunity to get right in the front of the eyes of so many people that are important us as we build this program."

The initial signing class for high school recruits came just one week after Scott was introduced on campus as USF's new head coach. Where he really was able to make an impact was on this latest signing day. 

All eight players we recruited by Scott and his new staff. 

"I was probably a little surprised in an optimistic way of the quality of players that we were able to attract this late in the process,” he said Scott.

Scott has a well-thought plan in place. It didn't take him long to see that this program has lost traction. 

"Somewhere along the way, that boulder that was kind of moving, stopped. Now there is a lot of different people all standing around that boulder looking at each other and they are just waiting for somebody to say go."

And Coach Scott has the green and gold flag waving.