Wesley Chapel track club improves confidence, speed in young athletes

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Before the heat of the day, they're out running in heats at Wiregrass Ranch High School. 

"I just love it," said Gianna Levy, a Sunlake High School senior. "I love the adrenaline that it gives me. I love being able to push myself." 

Gianna is one of several athletes training with BB Roberts' Speed Starz Track and Running Club this summer. 

"Speed defines everything," he explained.

Roberts is a former sprinter himself and still holds several records at Wesley Chapel High School.

Since 2012, he has dedicated his free time to helping kids, from all kinds of athletic backgrounds, improve their speed.

"You need speed in every sport. Everything you do and everything you play," said Roberts. "That's what I wanted to go for: To help kids become successful, help them become more athletic, as well." 

Roberts' camp is designed to help athletes run faster, plus he integrates plyometrics, sometimes called jump training, so they can become stronger versions of themselves, inside and out. 

"One of the benefits of this program is that kids can gain more confidence," he said. "Believe in themselves, then get faster, they can get quicker, and then get more confidence and take that out on the game field with them." 

A former state champion at Zephyrhills Christian Academy, Evan Miller is a sprinter at South Carolina who works with Roberts during the summer. 

He's just one athlete from this group who makes their time away from school count.  

"This could be my offseason, but I'm out here training with BB," said Levy. "When I go back for high school track, they think, 'Wow, she's crazy, she's done all these different things during summer that's helped,' and they can see a big improvement from me." 

She, like all the others, is training her way to be one step ahead of the competition.

For more information on the Speed Starz Track and Running Club, visit www.speedteam5.com.