Work ethic unmatched for Bucs' top tight ends

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When you think of the most dangerous players on the Bucs offense, Mike Evans and Desean Jackson first come to mind, but neither of the Pro Bowl players led the Bucs in scoring last year.

It was actually another duo.

"It was me and OJ, right?" smiled Cam Brate.

Cam Brate and OJ Howard found the end zone six times each to lead the Bucs in touchdown receptions - and it wasn't by accident.

"You know I think it's always a good asset to have when you have two tight ends that are tight in an offense," said Howard. "That's what we did last year. Our offense was very tight end-friendly. Coach did a great job getting us the ball. 

Their work ethic is unmatched. Both are routinely first to practice and last to leave.

"You know we are actually required to be out 15-minutes early, the tight ends," said Brate. "Kind of something we started. Afterward,s obviously, the receivers stick around for a little bit. I don't know. I think I'll take credit for starting that."

On top of Brate's knack for finding the end zone, he also has a knack for catching the football. He currently has a 42-game streak with at least one catch, dating back to 2015 when he first cracked the lineup. 

"Hopefully we'll make it 58 after this year," smiled Brate, who is quick with the count.

After all, he's a Harvard grad.

"I can do addition," he laughed.