Trump CFO's lawyer expects more indictments in case

A lawyer for Allen Weisselberg — Donald Trump's indicted corporate finance chief — said he has a "strong reason to believe" more indictments are coming in an ongoing probe of Trump's real estate empire.

26 governors demand Biden meeting over border crisis

A letter signed by 26 Republican governors, including Doug Ducey, asks Biden to schedule a meeting at the White House within the next 15 days so they can have an "open and constructive dialogue regarding border enforcement on behalf of U.S. citizens in our states and all those hoping to become U.S. citizens."

Florida woman pleads guilty to threatening Vice President Kamala Harris

The Florida woman pleaded guilty to making death threats against Vice President Kamala Harris. Prosecutors said she sent video clips of the threats to her husband in prison, telling him she accepted $53,000 to carry out a "hit." Two days later, she applied for a concealed weapons permit.