2003 Buccaneers Super Bowl championship parade in Tampa

Twenty years ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their first Super Bowl in 2003. They held a traditional parade through the streets of downtown Tampa, where screaming fans – big and small, who were cheering ‘Chucky! Chucky!’ – lined the streets to congratulate their home team. Russell Rhodes was along the parade route, interviewing players, coaches and fans. ‘The fans deserves this. The whole state of Florida deserves this.’

Thousands of Bucs fans celebrate first Super Bowl win

Over 65,000 fans arrived at Raymond James Stadium to celebrate the Buccaneers very first Super Bowl win in 2003. Players, owners and coaches greeted all from a stage at the center of the field. “All I can say is, ‘We love you,” Jon Gruden told the cheering crowd.

Tampa Bay fans buy championship merch first Super Bowl win

The morning after the Bucs won their first Super Bowl in 2003, fans celebrated by lining up outside of Raymond James Stadium to purchase championship merchandise. One fan spent $600 at RayJay and over $1,000 online. While waiting in line, one kid gave his best 'Chucky' impression.

Charley Belcher at the 2003 Super Bowl game

Back in 2003, Charley Belcher roamed around the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego interviewing fans before the big matchup between the Bucs and Raiders. Charley used a Kodak disposable camera to capture all the moments. Tampa Bay fans hoped their team would clinch their first Super Bowl win – and they did! Charley had a pretty accurate prediction: ‘We’re going to do it again.’

Cynthia Smoot covers Winter the dolphin at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

FOX 13's Cynthia Smoot covered Winter the dolphin almost from the day she arrived at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. In Cynthia's final days working in broadcast news, we're looking back on some of her most memorable stories — including the inspirational story behind two very popular movies.

President John F. Kennedy's 1963 trip to Tampa

Most of the video from the time was recorded on 16mm film, however, some footage survived the decades since President John F. Kennedy visited Tampa, only four days before his assassination on November 22, 1963.

From 1998: Tampa Bay Devil Rays first home-opener

On March 31, 1998, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays finally held the team's first home-opener to a packed stadium -- eight years after Tropicana Field officially opened. The team played against the Detroit Tigers and lost 11-6.

From 1990: Florida Suncoast Dome opens – finally

It was years in the making, but the Florida Suncoast Dome held its grand opening on March 3, 1990, with performances and thousands in attendance. FOX 13’s Kelly Craig was the host and Kenny Rogers was headlining the event. The city had yet to be awarded an MLB team.

From 1975: Roy Leep tour of WTVT's weather center

Pioneering WTVT meteorologist Roy Leep recorded this video to be shared with schools back in late 1975. He explains the latest weather technology at the time: How WTVT’s radar worked, the GOES satellite receiving station, teletype and facsimile data, lightning detection, and more. Roy also offers a tour of the ‘Pulse 13 News’ set, and even has some advice for young students interested in a career in meteorology.

From 1992: Sam Wyche's April Fool's joke

When Sam Wyche was still new in Tampa, he got so frustrated dealing with Steve DeBerg and Vinny Testaverde that he walked out of the old One Buc Place, threatening to quit. At least, that was the joke he pulled with some help from WTVT's sports director at the time, Andy Hardy. Here's the archived WTVT video.

FOX 13 memories from the Cape

For all the deafening rocket launches, the technological wizardry, and the glorious images of Earth from orbit, the story of the exploration of space is, at its core, a human story. And no one knows that better than the reporters whose job it is to cover the Cape.

WTVT covers John Glenn's historic 1962 flight

Back in 1962, CBS chose Tampa's WTVT-TV to provide network pool coverage of John Glenn's orbital Friendship 7 flight. It was the first return from space to be covered live. You can see WTVT camera operator Joe Wiezycki in these grainy shots from the deck of the USS Noa.

1980 Sunshine Skyway Bridge disaster video

It was on May 9, 1980 when the unthinkable happened: The freighter M/V Summit Venture collided with a support column during a blinding thunderstorm, knocking a 1,200-foot section of the roadway into the water below.