Teens race to bring awareness to teen mental health

Some Tampa teens are raising money to help their peers deal with depression and anxiety.

The teenagers are training for the Speak Up 5K, a race that raises money and awareness for teens with mental health. 

"One out of every five teenagers struggle with depression and anxiety," said Speak Up Ambassador Grayson Gallagher. "Its a serious cause in this world today."

Charles Kenost says there is a need for events like the Speak Up 5K. 

"Some people are, like, so disconnected and when they really need the help, they don't get it," Kenost pointed out.

The event was started by 16-year-old Cameron Gallagher. She suffered from depression before she passed away from an undiagnosed health condition in 2014.

Her uncle, Dennis Gallagher told FOX 13, "She created this 5K that was specifically to support that, to bring awareness to people that are struggling with mental illness and in particular anxiety and depression."

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In four years, more than 2,500 runners have participated in the event. They have raised more than $30,000.

"It's been very good and very fun. Its also good to get involved in the community," explained Dillion.

The group donates the money to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. This year's race is Saturday, October  19 at Al Lopez Park. For more information, visit www.speakup5k.com\tampa.