Unique Tampa restaurant dishes tasty BBQ, and serves the community

When we first met the duo behind Station House BBQ, they were putting the finishing touches on a special custom fire truck smoker.

That project is done, and the catering dream of Anthony Fonseca and Joshua Paul is open to the public. While their look is unique, their intent to serve is evident in everything they do. 

Fonseca is a firefighter who was never afraid of getting hot behind a grill.

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The dream for the business was born in the brotherhood of the firehouse when a friend was getting married and needed catering for the reception.

"We hooked him up with a free catered meal by our station," Fonseca recalled. "When we got there, we cooked for the wedding and the venue loved us and said you should charge $25 a plate for this."

Fonseca connected with a friend Joshua Paul to create Station House BBQ, and a business born out of wanting to help a brother became a way to help others. 

Fonseca says he asked himself, "What can I do locally with what God's given me?" 

"I can cook, and I have a catering company. We might as well just serve people, that's what Jesus did," he said.