Bahama Buck's, a shaved ice shop, opens in Brandon

There’s snow in the forecast for Brandon, Florida.

Actually, it’s more like “sno,” or shaved ice. There is a new shop in town called Bahama Buck’s located at 1258 Kingsway Road. The company first started in Lubbock, Texas in 1990, when college student Black Buchanan started it as a way to make money in the summers. That summer job took off and there are now Bahama Buck’s across the country.

In Brandon, they make all sorts of tasty treats, including smoothies and frozen coffees. They also released fall flavors, such as candy corn and caramel apple. 

The company even sells their own form of "snowball," so Florida children can actually have their own form of snowball fights out in the parking lot.

Bahama Buck's
1258 Kingsway Road, Suite 15
Brandon, FL 33510
(813) 548-0341