Companies are catering more and more to singles

Kristin Berry shares a studio apartment with her cat, Juniper, and has had to get creative when it comes to space. 

"Living on my own and lack of space I need appliances that are small but mighty," Berry said.

Her blender comes with containers that she can use on the go. An Instant Pot is also one of her favorite kitchen staples.

"Meal prepping for instance, that's something that's kind of my life-saver because I can depend on that and it can give me a large quantity that I can save throughout the week," Berry said.

Even when buying food she thinks small.  

"Smaller serving sizes and on-the-go things," she added.

More businesses are catering to single consumers like Berry.

"Being able to buy those smaller amounts and being able to prepare them in the way that you want them to be prepared is big," said Melissa Meredith of Creative Collabs, marketing specialist. "So, things like air fryers that have the smaller portion sizes in them that you can prep [is helpful]."

Convenience is also a big factor for singles.

"They're willing to spend a little bit more for something that saves them a little bit of time. So, Uber Eats, meal prep, that four dollar coffee...single millennials are okay spending that because it's all about that convenience for them," Meredith said. "Things like marriage, having children -- where previously a lot of weight was put upon that -- they're putting those things off a little more so they're staying single longer."

Because while there may be pressure cookers, there's no pressure to stray from solo living. 

"I also feel like I see more single servings on Shipt or Instacart and that's one thing I do now is more online grocery ordering instead of going to the grocery store", said Berry. "I'm single and a lot of my friends are single. I don't feel any rush or any pressure from society nowadays to settle down at all."