Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg preps pups for competitions, homes

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There is a club in St. Petersburg just for dogs.

It’s a training club, to be more specific, for owners who want a “well-mannered family pet” or would like to enter their dogs into competition events. The owners say they try to help train humans to train their dogs. From basic obedience to advanced agility, they have a little something for every pup here. 

They are even taught to hunt, by trying to find a specific scent, or locating a tube -- with a live rat inside. Owners said, "we don't want them out hurting or killing anything."

You don't have to be a member to sign up for classes to fine tune the skills a dog already has.

Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg
4400 34th Street North, Suite B
St. Petersburg, FL 33714
(727) 527-5568