Hometown Hero: Makeover for brave little girl

A lot of hairspray, the perfect braid, and a great big bow: It's enough to make any little girl feel like a princess. But no one deserves a day at the spa more than Bella. 

Bella has a pancreatic disease and has spent most of her childhood in the hospital. She's dealt with a lot of pain in her short life.  

“It was sucking -- literally sucking -- the life out of her,” her mother recalled.  “Dark shadows under her eyes; no energy.”

Bella's feeling better now after having surgery a year ago.  So, to celebrate, her parents and the Make-a-Wish Foundation planned a spa-tacular day at ‘Party N Style’ in Carrollwood.

“I get so excited when I get up and I know when I’m hosting and they come in and I see their faces and how happy they are during the whole experience,” owner Stephanie Diaz said. “It's a huge blessing for me to be involved in that.”

Thanks to Stephanie and her glam squad, Bella and her friends got the royal treatment -- for free.

“That makes me feel like this is why I opened this place. This is why I was put in this moment, in this time, and in this business. That makes it all worth it.”

They got their toes wet at the pedicure station and picked their favorite polish for the perfect manicure.

“I liked the pedicure and I liked having my friends, so it made everything better,” Bella offered.

And just when Bella thought her day couldn't get any better, it did.  They loved the closet full of costumes for their very own fashion show. 

They danced, sang and giggled down the runway, and even got their parents in on the fun.

It was everything Bella hoped it would be.

“It was so much fun,” she beamed. “It was one of the best days of my life.”