Hometown Heroes: Amos the Wonder Horse

A horse inside a hospital is not a sight you see very often. But this Hometown Hero is no ordinary equine: he's Amos, the Wonder Horse.

"He's really lived up to his name," said Shelly Mizrahi, Amos's owner.

It's more than just his braided tail and beautiful mane that makes him so wonderful. Amos is a therapy horse and has a knack for making people smile. 

He's been charming people at nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals across Tampa Bay for five years.

"There is never a visit we go out to, whether we're working with inner city kids, or we're working with children, that he doesn't amaze me. He does something every time. It's just beautiful," said Shelly.

It might sound like a big task for such a little horse, but the kids at Johns Hopkins All Childrens Hospital think Amos is the perfect size.

"He was nice; he gave me a kiss on my hand," said Rachel, a patient at the hospital.

Rachel said it was the perfect way to celebrate her 16th birthday.

"Every girl wants a pony for their birthday. So I'm lucky," said Rachel.

The grown-ups were thrilled to see Amos too. Especially Melissa Medina. Her 7 year old daughter, Rhiley, has brain cancer and has grown to love the mini-horse.

"He just brings her so much joy. She takes her fingers and rubs them on his nose and puts him to sleep. He really makes her smile. He is a blessing to all the kids," gushed Melissa.

He's also a blessing to his owner, Shelly, who says she knew from their first hospital visit that Amos was something special.

"He walked right up to the bed and put his head on the bed, and we knew then that he was destined for greatness," said Shelly.

Shelly rewards Amos for his good work with his favorite treats.

"Amos likes peppermints and apples and carrots; all the standard things. He loves coffee. He especially likes Starbucks and he likes slurpees. 

There aren't many things this selfie-taking shoe-wearing pony doesn't like. It's no wonder they call Amos, The Wonder Horse.

Visit facebook.com/amosthewonderhorse for more information.