Humane Society of Pinellas volunteer, known as the 'Cat Whisperer,' gets award

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It's kitty city at the Humane Society of Pinellas County. Dozens of cats waiting for their forever home, and each one has their own story.

It's not all positive -- some were abused and neglected. 

"All they need is a kind heart and someone to give them the patience," explained Devon Arcuri, spokesperson with the Humane Society of Pinellas County, "and they'll open up."

They're grateful for they help received from people like Tim Kraus, also known as the "Cat Whisperer." He volunteers at the shelter once a week and stops to visit every cat in their cage. 

"I just love to help out," Tim told FOX 13. "It makes me feel better."

It makes the cats feel better too. One session with Tim and employees say they can see the transformation.

"He comes in and he'll start with an animal that's really shy and scared. He just has this touch," said Devon. "He knows exactly what to do and they just open up and show their true personality to him." 

So, what's his secret?

"I go to the top of the head a little bit and barely touch their fur. That's how they get to know me," said Tim.

It's a technique he's practiced and perfected thanks to help from his five felines. 

"They are so understanding. I just love them," said Tim. 

Tim is also an ambassador for "HUG", which is a local non-profit organization connecting people with disabilities to social events and activities. He's so generous that he recently received HUG's 2019 Mr. Charitable Award.

LINK: For more information on Humane Society of Pinellas, head over to the shelter's website. For additional details on HUG, head over to the organization's website