Learn more about Sulphur Springs at the neighborhood museum

There's no better place to learn about the Sulphur Springs area of Tampa than it's the neighborhood museum. 

The Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center may be small but it does a great job telling the story of the area – plus it's free. Of course, they would appreciate any donation. 

They also host traveling exhibits and are currently hosting their second exhibit from the Smithsonian. It's called "Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America." It's a fun exhibit highlighting the importance and influence of sports in our culture. The museum staff also tied in local sports stories as well. 
It's all part of the museum's efforts to revitalize the neighborhood, and create pride in the community.

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On Saturday, September 14, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are coming for a neighborhood Bucs Experience, and they will host a best-selling author on Sunday, September 15 discussing his biography of Arthur Ashe. 

This exhibit only runs through September 21.

LINK: For more information, head over to the Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center's website