Look for a thrill? Check out the Sarasota BMX Academy

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Whether you are an expert on a BMX bike or just want to give it a try, Sarasota BMX Academy is the place for you. 

Sarasota's BMX track attracts riders from all over the world, and all different skill levels. The track has been in the same location for 45 years, and has built quite the reputation. 

“In addition to the national and international events we have out here, we do also have athletes often come for training for the Olympics or the world championships,” said Shelby Connett, director of sports for Visit Sarasota

While the BMX Academy does host special events for experts, they also offer all sorts of training, free rides, camps and lessons. They have different classes for skill levels and ages, including adults. 

The track has two separate ramps, one small and one large. The large one is Olympics style, and you must get cleared by one of their coaches to even ride it. 

“Anyone can come out, all you have to do is a take a class with me, or any of the guys, and we'll get you on the track. You will get to see what BMX in the Olympics is all about,” said Percy, the head coach for the track. 

LINK: The track is located at 1500 N Turtle Ave, to find out more visit here.