Reach new heights through flying trapeze lessons at Circus Sarasota

If you’ve ever dreamed of running off to the circus, or you’re just looking for a fun workout, the Circus Sarasota Big Top has the perfect class for you: Flying trapeze classes -- and anyone can try it.

“Zero skill required, very beginner friendly, very safe,” said trapeze instructor Andres Leon Miller.

Before going airborne, you will practice on the ground. The first lesson: Swinging your legs and hooking it onto the trapeze bar. It may take a few tries. Andres’ most important advice to all of his students is to listen directions on the ground. 

“The only thing to remember: Stand nice and straight and lean into the belt. I'll direct you the whole time up there,” explained instructor Jacqueline Taylor.

Getting to the top of the ladder was easy, but nerves can accompany you as you reach the top. It's OK though, because it's a normal reaction. 

“Your body is not used to being up this high," Jacqueline explained. "If you're feeling a bit of nerves that means you’re very healthy. Your body should be doing that right now."

It's understandable if your heart starts to race, along with your mind. It's the facing your fear part that makes the first jump worth it. That courage will allow you to fly. 

Once you start soaring, a mix of feelings can hit you. It can be terrifying, exhilarating, but also so much fun. It’s easy to understand why students like Claire keep coming back. 

“When you're up at the platform and you take off... that rush of adrenaline when you're flying; it's an amazing feeling,” she explained.

Classes are held Saturday mornings and are open to the public. It cost $50 for about two hours of lessons. Students must be ages six and older. Andres says the oldest student he’s taught was 85 years old.

For more information, click over to The Circus Arts Conservatory website