Sarasota donut shop aims for 'ridiculous' creations

A new donut bakery in Sarasota has a novel way to guarantee fresh donuts – when they’ve sold out of their day’s fresh donuts, they close.

The 5-O Donut Co. has a law enforcement theme, which is appropriate since it’s just down the street from the police department and sheriff’s office. 

Chef Christine Nordstrom explained that, on any given day, the bakery is producing donuts from up to seven different kinds of dough.  She said that she wanted to make everything “ridiculous,” and the special on Wednesday, called the ‘Cops and Robbers,’ definitely fits that description.

“It’s a Reese’s-cup-inside-an-Oreo-inside-croissant-dough donut – and then we deep-fry it,” Nordstrom explained, pulling the concoction apart to reveal the sugary surprise, “then dipped in chocolate with Reese’s and Oreo on top.”

Other varieties include a Reese’s Croissant, Ferrero-Rocher, Frosted Animal Cracker, and the Elvis Lives – a show-stopper featuring maple candied bacon, a crunchy peanut butter glaze, and sliced banana.

Many of them come in two sizes: Standard and the much larger “Homer” – as in Homer Simpson.

And they’re only available fresh.  The bakery closes when they sell out each day, but they offer a live webcam so you can check on the donut status before heading in.

LINK: See the webcam on

MORE INFO: The Five-O Donut Co. is at 2241 Ringling Blvd. in Sarasota. You can follow them at @fiveodonutco.