'Specially Fit' helps those with special needs stay healthy, fit

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Marky Oliver is on a mission. His goal is to change lives through health, fitness and love, and that includes anybody.

He takes his workout routine to special education facilities and foster homes across Tampa Bay. LYF Inc. in Land O’ Lakes is just one of the special education schools that Marky visits. Jim Cracchio oversees the students at LYF Inc. and says Marky has made a world of a difference in their lives. 

“They look forward to working out and that is typically not the case,” said Jim. 

Marky is the founder of “Specially Fit”, a nonprofit foundation bringing exercise and sports to the less fortunate and special needs individuals. 

“They’re so phenomenal. They're just a special group to be around. They change my day and make everything so much better”, said Marky.

Marky isn’t just their fitness instructor, he’s also become their friend. 

“I can have a bad day and as soon as I see them they smile and high five and it melts my heart,” he said.

When they aren’t dancing and laughing, Marky is putting them to work. He encourages them to do sit-ups, push-ups, and run laps.

However, he always takes time to celebrate each milestone clapping and cheering after every workout.

His enthusiasm is contagious -- and it has given students like Alex the motivation he needs to keep coming back. 

“I feel tired but I feel good," Alex said. "I know I just accomplished something."