Tampa Bay's Dancing with the Stars is here

The 8th annual Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars is around the corner.

The “stars” are those within the community who volunteer to take dance lessons, perform a dance in front of a huge crowd and judges, all while raising money to help those in need within Tampa Bay.

You can support the dancers by buying votes. That money will go toward Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay. Charley visited the Hip Room Dance Studio, where dancers were rehearsing.

Tampa Bay’s Dancing with the Stars 2017
Date: October 7, 2017
Time: 6 p.m. to close.
Location TPepin’s Hospitality Centre located at 4121 North 50th Street Tampa, FL 33610
Learn more: http://dancingforcharity.com/Join-Us

Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across Tampa Bay: http://handsacrossthebay.org