10-year-old credited with saving mother from apartment fire

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Firefighters say the quick, calm and collected actions of a 10-year-old saved her and her mom from a rapid-moving fire early Friday morning.

10-year-old Adani Humber smelled smoke and jolted her mother Nicola Wallen awake, just before 8:00 a.m.

The pair opened the bedroom door to a wall of flames, before knocking out a window and crawling to safety.

Firefighters believe the cause of the fire was related to a faulty electrical system. They say Adani is the reason the mother and daughter made it out alive. She's sharing the credit with her mom.

"It was really scary and I don't know if I could have gotten out without her," said Humber.

Wallen's apartment is gutted, deemed a total loss by firefighters.

"To look at everything charred it's hard, but the number one thing is to know that my child is alive. I had peace the whole time, because I had my daughter.  Because that's what's important to me," said Wallen.

The family has been given temporary assistance from the Red Cross, but after a few days will be homeless.

Humber told FOX 13 she'd like to be either a firefighter or a nurse one day, because she likes the idea of saving people.

"I'm extremely proud of her.  I really believe that it's because of her we're alive," said Wallen.