25 years later, detectives hope DNA will finally solve Jennifer Odom murder

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In a place where quiet country roads mark a simpler time, something terrible happened 25 years ago. Jennifer Odom, a 12-year-old Pasco County schoolgirl, was murdered.

She was abducted from a bus stop and found six days later. A massive manhunt took place, but investigators were left with more questions than answers. 

It seemed Jennifer's killer had simply faded away. 

However, there were clues -- clues including fingerprints on Jennifer's clarinet case and backpack, which were found two years later.

There were also reports of a mysterious blue pickup truck. 

Hernando County Detective George Loydgren now heads the cold case unit investigating Jennifer Odom's murder. He's armed with the latest DNA technology and a disturbing theory.

"I believe that there's probably one person, if not more, that would know who is responsible for this," he said.

Loydgren also believes that person could be a family member or ex-spouse, either protecting the killer or too afraid to come forward. 

"I think the reason people don't want to get involved is they may not want to sit there and have to testify against that individual and what they had told them,” he continued.

Recent history has proven, even the coldest of cases can be solved -- like California's Golden State Killer, apprehended after decades on the run. 

"I think DNA is going to be a big part of Jennifer's case as it is with any of the old cases because items were collected. It's just now the technology has advanced,” Loydgren added.

That gives Loydgren a new resolve and Jennifer's family new hope her killer will be caught.

If you have any information regarding the Jennifer Odom murder investigation, you may contact the Hernando County Sheriff's Office: http://www.hernandosheriff.org/applications/contactus/