5 voters say Amendment 2 missing from ballots

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The lawyer for three Broward County voters who said their ballots - both mail-in and printed at a polling location - now says two additional voters in that county have come forward with a similar story.

A Broward County judge held an emergency hearing, at the request of Attorney Norman Kent, Tuesday morning, for claims from two voters who said their mail-in ballots were missing Amendment 2

WSVN7 Miami reported the two voters who filed the initial lawsuit against Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda C. Snipes claimed their mail-in or absentee ballots were missing the amendment issue which addresses legalizing medical marijuana in Florida.

After addressing the issue at a news conference, Snipes vowed to check all absentee ballots for errors, saying there could be as many as seven missing Amendment 2.

Meanwhile, as early voting began Monday, a voter posted a live Facebook video from her Ft. Lauderdale polling location, claiming her printed ballot was missing Amendment 2, as well.

Cantor Ballard posted the live video just after 1:30 p.m. Monday, after she says her ballot was printed without Amendment 2. Ballard posted photos of the ballot on her Facebook profile, as well, saying poll workers gave her a replacement ballot after she brought the error to their attention.

Ballard told FOX 13 News she was asked by poll workers to leave the location to record her video, but the person who seemed to be the authority at the location told those workers to allow her to record.

"I just went through my entire ballot, making sure that the second amendment entry on my ballot, that I made all the right answers," Ballard said to the camera. "And I discover that, on my ballot, there is no amendment 2."

Ballard she went on to tell "anyone who starts early voting" to check their ballot for errors.

Ballard said she was contacted by Attorney Kent, who represents the two voters whose ballots were apparently missing Amendment 2, and she agreed to be added to the lawsuit already under review by a judge in Broward County. The judge said she would decide by Tuesday evening if an injunction forcing judicial oversight on the elections - based on the first two claims - would be ordered.

However, Attorney Kent requested the court wait to rule on the primary issues involved in the case until another emergency hearing could be conducted, including testimony from Ballard, as well as two more voters who said their mail-in ballots were missing the amendment.

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In another Facebook post, Ballard said she tried to contact Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda C. Snipes, but spoke with an assistant in her office instead. Ballard told FOX 13 News she had not received a return call as of Tuesday afternoon, but media reported Snipes as saying humidity may have been to blame for pages becoming stuck together, and causing Ballard's ballot to print improperly

Ballard took issue with the claim, pointing out average humidity in Ft. Lauderdale is higher than the 53% reported Monday afternoon.

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