Give Kids The World Village kicks off Night of a Million Lights

Give Kids the World Village is giving the community a spectacular holiday light show while helping families in need.

With the push of a button, Casen Parsons, 6, kicked off Night of a Million Lights! 

"It’s amazing to be here. This place is so magical." 

His mother Kristin says there’s just something about Give Kids the World Village, especially during the holidays. 

"It brings so much happiness." But life hasn’t always been so joyful for Kristin and little Casen, "He was born and we got the shock of our lives. Everything that could go wrong went wrong with him."

She says her baby boy was born with birth defects that have affected many of his organs. 

"It affects his heart, his spine and his limbs, his kidneys, esophagus."

Hospital stays haven’t been easy. 

"He died on us 18 times. He stopped breathing, his heart stopped and they had to do CPR and lots of medications to bring him back to us, so we’re very lucky to have him here with us today."

That’s why Kristin is especially grateful for the gift of life this holiday season. 

"You can’t look at Casen and not know that there’s a God and miracles happen every day. Because I live with a miracle." 

We asked little Casen what he wants Santa to bring him for Christmas. He replied, "I don’t care what he brings me." Kristin says, "Just grateful for everything you're grateful for?" Casen replied, "Ya."

So as a Night of a Million Lights twinkles through the village to help critically ill children like Casen, his mother says he helps guide her in a very special way, even through difficult times. 

"He means the world to me. Both my kids are everything. They’re just such joys. They bring the light that I never knew I needed to my life."

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