Impact-resistant doors, windows, garage doors tax-free starting July 1 in Florida

For anyone who’s considering home upgrades before hurricane season ramps up, the state of Florida has some incentives to help get those projects going. 

July 1 begins a 2-year, tax-free window on impact-resistant doors, garage doors, and windows.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis offered a window into the state's new Home Hardening Tax Exemption program during an appearance at a window company in Tampa Tuesday.

Patronis says the program, signed into law by Governor DeSantis in May, will help homeowners save money while protecting themselves from costly damages and major headaches, if a storm hits the state. 

Patronis said homeowners, and even business owners, who take advantage of the tax-free program are also eligible to save on their insurance by having an inspector provide wind-mitigation certifications on the upgrades.

Hurricane Ida tears roof off of carport. (Credit: Paulette Ristine via Storyful)

Patronis said, at the end of the day, this program will empower Florida homeowners to make their homes safer, more valuable and better protected from mother nature. 

According to NOAA this year's hurricane season will likely be above-average, with 14 to 21 named storms and a prediction of 3 to 6 of them becoming major hurricanes, meaning categories 3, 4 or 5. 

The Home Hardening Tax Exemption starts July 1, 2022 and runs through June 30, 2024. Patronis added that if the program goes well, it would likely be extended past 2024.

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