91-year-old retired art teacher's collaborative painting with daughter is on display in Dunedin exhibit

Retired art teacher Beverly Taylor is still painting, and now she's collaborating with someone near and dear to her heart.

"I've always been interested in art my whole life,"shared Taylor.

She picked up a paintbrush as a child more than 80 years ago. She hasn't been able to put it down since.

"I always was making something or drawing or painting or I just, I just loved to do things," Taylor shared.

At 91, she's still making beautiful art.

"If you're an artist, you say, now what could I do with that to make it into something that I could use hanging on the wall or give to someone," said Taylor. "It's a whole different approach of life."

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Her life has come full circle because now she's working with her daughter. Their collaborative painting called "Divine Vision" was selected for the 100 Women Artists exhibit in Dunedin.

"It's really cool. We get to connect and spend a lot of time together, which, you know, in the day to day, you don't really get a chance to sort of settle down and hang with somebody for a long time," Karen Brown, Taylor's daughter said.

"That was a lot of fun," said Taylor. "And now we're going to enter another piece and a new artist show that we're going to enter. We haven't started on that yet, but that's going to be fun."

Like her mom, Brown loved art as a child too, but ended up becoming an interior designer. She got back into art during COVID.

"I really dove into art to, to be able to creatively express, and connect with people," said Brown. "Even though I couldn't leave the house."

"It's just a part of me," said Taylor. "I just want to teach, and I want to do art. It's just me."

Taylor's favorite forms of art are paintings, jewelry and sculptures. She enjoys working with her daughter, and they're currently collaborating on another piece.

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