Polk County mother-daughter duo sell personalized apparel that celebrates women

A Winter Haven woman who started making masks during the pandemic transitioned her business to inspirational and personalized apparel.

Teresa Lewis and her daughter Jasmine Lewis work together to run their small online business, 3T’s Creations & Designs. According to the mother-daughter duo, their designs celebrate and encourage women.

"It’s a woman-based, faith-driven company," shared Jasmine.

The company sells personalized t-shirts and gift boxes that give customers hope and something to look forward to.

Teresa, a self-proclaimed crafter, started out by making shirts for herself and then friends and family began asking for some too.

"So, it really started out as a hobby. And I would say around the time of COVID, we started making masks for people, health care workers, schools, and things like that. And then from there, we started kind of looking at ideas about t-shirts," said Teresa.

Generating sales as a small business has been difficult. However, after gifting Tabitha Brown, an actress and influencer, one of her inspirational t-shirts, orders flooded in.

Brown made a stop in Clearwater during her book tour, which is when Teresa gave her assistant the shirt. Months later, Brown posted an Instagram reel wearing it.

"So in May, I'm scrolling on social media one morning, and she's giving motivation like she, you know, always is. And I'm looking, I'm looking. I'm like it's my shirt, oh my goodness! That's my shirt!" recalled Teresa.

Teresa said she kept sharing the reel on social media to promote her business.

"She realized that I was sharing it. So, she went back on her Facebook page and shared it. You know, shared my post, which allowed people to see that it was me, you know, my business that made the shirt. It was just amazing," explained Teresa.

The success on social media immediately increased 3T’s sales and new subscribers for the monthly t-shirt club.

Teresa works from her home but hopes to one day have a storefront and warehouse. Her husband and other two kids help create and ship out orders.

"All hands on deck when it gets really, really busy," said Teresa.

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