Accused Capitol rioter wants to cut ties with Lakeland group before heading to trial

Federal prosecutors said they came as a group, but now one accused Jan. 6 Capitol rioter wants to cut ties with the rest of them.

Joshua Doolin doesn't want to be associated with his co-defendants. They include Michael Perkins, Joseph Hutchinson, Olivia Pollock, and Jonathan Pollock, who remains a fugitive.

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In court documents filed, Doolin's attorney Allen Orenberg believes his client’s case must be severed from the group. He fears if not, a jury will convict him on evidence linked to the others' writing. 

"Evidence of a codefendants' wrongdoing...erroneously could lead a jury to conclude the defendant is guilty," he argues.

Orenberg also points out Doolin’s co-defendants face felony charges that include battery of a law enforcement officer. Doolin’s charges are misdemeanors that neither charge nor allege acts of violence.

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The motion was presented to a D.C. judge Tuesday, but no decision on the matter was made today. Instead, the judge will rule at a later date.

During a February hearing, Doolin's attorney announced his client was ready for trial and was not waving speedy trial and now wants to go at it alone. The others are possibly looking at cutting deals with federal prosecutors.

Doolin is back in court on May 5.