Accused murderer to defend himself at trial

Steven Lorenzo says he will represent himself against 2 capital murder charges 14 years after being indicted.

The mother of one of the victims says Lorenzo deserves nothing less than the death penalty and is ready to put this phase in past.

“Right now I’m feeling good that this is finally happening,” Pam Williams said, “he killed Jason and I want him dead.”

William’s only son, Jason Galehouse, was murdered. Prosecutors say Lorenzo and his co-conspirator Scott Schweickert are to blame.

Nearly 14 years after the heinous crime, Lorenzo is going on trial for the murders of Galehouse and Michael Waccholtz.

This week in court, a much older looking Lorenzo told the judge he plans to represent himself.

Prosecutors say in 2003 Lorenzo lured Jason and Micahel to his home in Seminole Heights. There, the men were used as sex slaves, tortured and murdered.

Detectives say the bodies were dismembered and thrown in dumpsters around town.

Last summer Schweickert took a deal an dodged the death penalty. In exchange, he agreed to a life sentence and is testifying against Lorenzo.

At the sentencing, Williams did not hold back with her feelings towards Schweickert.

“I hope your satisfied because I hope you rot in hell.”