Adrenaclick: Cheaper alternative to EpiPen

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It’s life-saving medicine that’s becoming financially out of reach, but there is an alternative for families worried about the massive EpiPen price spike.

It’s called Adrenaclick and you can get it for a fraction of the cost.

Right now, Mylan’s EpiPen is the leading treatment for severe allergic reactions. The dose of medicine itself – epinephrine – costs literally pennies to make. It’s the cost of self-injectable pen that’s been skyrocketing – a two pack costs upwards of $600.

Luckily a lot of people’s insurance covers a good portion. Mylan states that many even get it covered completely. But families usually need to buy several. As kids go back to school, they need one for the nurse, teacher, coach, daycare etc. Insurers also sometimes only cover a box a month, and pens expire yearly, so it can still really add up.
That has Congress considering a hearing to ask executives at Mylan to explain why the cost has gone up by 400 percent in the last nine years.
“We want them to be held morally accountable,” said Rep. Grace Meng (D-New York.) “We want them to have to explain to the American people why they are denying Americans rights to be able to take care of their bodies and save lives.”
So that brings us to an alternative – Adrenaclick.
It’s a little different to use, it requires two caps instead of one, and some say it’s more complicated than Epipen.
It can cost four hundred dollars without insurance but we found much, much cheaper options if you use a coupon.
On the website you can get it at just roughly $142 dollars at Walmart and Sam’s Club and only a little more at Walgreens.
This is an important reminder that you can always check out medicines on this website and those similar to see if there’s a coupon available. The coupon can sometimes get you your medication for less money than your insurance.
Keep in mind many doctors tend to prescribe EpiPen because it has a virtual monopoly on the market. One competitor got recalled, and two others still wait for FDA approval.

If you want to try Adrenaclick, you have to ask your doctor to prescribe it because a pharmacist isn’t allowed to just sub it out for an EpiPen on their own. Always ask your doctor about alternatives and weigh the cost, benefits, and possible differences in treatment.